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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Destiny and Warframe

Couldn't they just make a baby, I'd pay child support for the next 20 years! I plunged in the world of Warframe the last 2 months (Destiny just kinda dried up, back on with 2.0 tho!) and I think these two games have there pluses and minuses. But if we could melt them together and take best of both, man what a game it could be! I still think Destiny is the better game, graphically, storyline/lore (if you thought Destiy has no story, Warframe is even worse) And the crispy game play. But Warframe, the customization option are endless. Bosses are farmable for specific loot. Great diversity in classes and crazy weapons. The Mod system to lvl your equipment and companions. The Dojo, imagine a Dojo in Destiny. Even a little thing like moving your ship in orbit. Ofcorse there's a down side, micro transaction, repetitive missions, pay to rush, the gameplay and pvp. But those things are great about Destiny, no pay to win, Crucible, game play! I wish Bungie just peaked a bit more at Digital extremes. P.s. I'm recruiting European players for our Clan and Alliance!

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