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9/9/2015 12:55:44 PM

My only problem with 2.0

was the year 2 weapon re makes. out of all of the exotic weapons we carry over (a whopping 10) the only one that got a new perk was suros. The rest didn't. They even still look the same except for bad juju and suros. I really don't understand why they couldn't have just slapped the infuse sticker on them and brought up the values. It's really not a "year 2 version" if nothing is different other then the attack value. And before someone brings up the edge article. I know. However if you look at both destinyDB and the armory here you can see that all year 1 exotic armor is coming over eventually. But neither show any weapons coming over that we don't see today. Luke smith did state they are not showing use everything just yet hiding stuff from data miners and what not. But I really don't see them bringing more. On the up side it's less re leveling over all. On the other it's slightly disappointing. You'd think if they went to the trouble of hand picking a few weapons to bring over the least they could do is make them look different. Anyway rant over.

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