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Editado por FlaminBubbles: 9/8/2015 4:32:50 AM

Not staying connected to destiny!

I have had destiny ever since it was released in September last year and this has been a problem ever since then. everytime i play destiny i can play for about 1 - 3 hours and then after all of them i start getting disconnected and i dont know why. once i reset my router it works fine for about 1-3 hours then the same thing happens over and over again. i have followed all of the configuration suggestions for my xbox one and destiny. i dont know if it is my internet at 50mbps down and 2.5 up but i have switched internet service providers to try and fix the problem but it still keeps happening and i dont know why. i have also tried both wired and wireless and the problem happenes on both, i also have gotten a new router and it is a very expensive and high quality router. most of my friends have the same isp and they dont get any problems but after almost a year it still happened continuously.

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