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Editado por Damien Darque: 9/7/2015 1:19:19 AM

I kinda wish Bungie would let us see what we're fighting for

To break from all the negativity surrounding the mishandling of TTK, I'd like to discuss something that's been on my mind for awhile. What're we, as guardians, fighting for? There's so civilians or any rescue missions. We see a few maybe civilians in the Tower, but they have no agency as we just walk right through them as they walk their tiny patrol around the Tower. It never really feels like we're actually helping anyone. Even the missions on the planets, given to us through impersonal comms and finished the same way. It was sorta teased in HoW where they mention the Prince and his Crows would be helping us, but they're nowhere to be seen. Are we, as guardians, making the world safer? Do people appreciate us? Or maybe they see us as people often see PMCs, as some sort of selfish organization looking out just for number one? Since the beginning I've felt that "the last protected city" should be an area we could walk around. Heck it could be updated each DLC to show us that we are making a difference. I think it would give a nice non loot based reward that everyone could look back on and say "We did this", more than some legendary or exotic sitting in the vault forever. In short, I think that Destiny's world desperately needs to be more "alive" than just filled with monsters. But that's just my 2 cents. What do my fellow guardians think? Edit #1: I just realized that alot of the things we've been talking about weren't an issue with Bungie's last game, Halo: Reach. There was wildlife, civilians, etc. You actually knew exactly what you were fighting for and the stakes. What happened?

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