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Looking for very active and friendly clans? Are you looking to play with others in your region such as UK,Europe,Australia,New Zealand, U.S, and Canada to have a good laugh? If so come on board mate:)

Terror Britannia (UK, Ireland and Europe) Hi guys, we're are a Europe/UK based clan that's friendly, cooperative and willing to accept those willing to have some fun and lay back. We realise that some us have families, jobs, and homes to take care of so no worries, we have many mature aged players in this clan to help those of you who play at night, mid-day or in the morning. We're very dedicated to making sure this is your family as we're growing fast and improving on every aspect of the clan. Don't be afraid to ask anyone in the clan for help as most of us are more than willing to help you no matter what level you are or how long you have played or much experience you have, all we care about is that we help you have a good time in Destiny and help you achieve your goals as well. . Join us today if you are interested and from the UK, Ireland or Europe my friend:) Terror Americus (U.S and Canada) We are distant cousins of Terror Britannia and Terror Australia. Lost years ago across the pond in the wild badlands that has become known as America. Just like them we are friendly, cooperative and willing to accept just about any mature player who wants to have some fun and chill out. In this day and age gamers come from all walks of life. No matter what type of gamer you are you will find like minded people in our extended digital family. That is what we are at the very core. A family. Even though we're growing fast we are still willing and able to connect to the newest member and greenest guardian. We're very dedicated to making sure this is YOUR family! Always listening and constantly improving on every aspect of the clan. We don't care what level you are, how long you have played, or how much experience you have. All we care about is that we help you achieve your goals, have a good time in Destiny and being active in chat to help with the goals of your fellow clan mates. Terror Australis (Australia and New Zealand) Greetings Guardians, My name is Log, Co-Founder of the cross platform Destiny clan Terror Australis. I wish to extend to all of you who share our clan ethos an invitation to join us. We stand for nothing more than having a laugh, enjoying a beer (or whatever else your poison may be), and gettin' shit done. Generally speaking we are a laid back bunch of Aussies who just love our Destiny, but we do have more than a few international members. We welcome players of any ability level, and we have no requirements of you other than being a good bloke. Currently, our presence on Xbox one is greater than on PS4, but don't fret if you are in either camp. We are always on the lookout for great new members to help us grow, and leadership positions are doled out to those who prove themselves over time to be excellent dudes. Hit up the link above if you are interested, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me a message. Cheers Log Thank you guys for taking your time to read this:) We're on all Consoles!

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