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8/28/2015 6:33:18 PM

This new endgame being lv 40 only is going to . . .

To start off, I love the changes being made to Nightfall and Weekly Heroic as far as how they work. Very nice job guys. My concern is that all of the weekly PVE activities are only level 40, and you have to beat the new raid first. I believe this is going to increase the age old problem of people running through "story" and not getting to take in what is going on and all the new scenery. This is pushing us to get to the new level cap and beat the raid in the first week. I was hoping for their to be more to do along the way. A lot has been said by Bungie about new story telling tactics, but then they force us to get all that blown through as soon as possible if we want the best things to blow people and aliens up. The worst part is, people could be more forced to figure out the easiest and cheesiest ways to beat the raid the first time through, because they want to do the Nightfall and Heroics. The guys I play with like to figure it out for ourselves, if at all possible, but there is reason to believe that a lot of players will lean towards not caring. Oh, and I hope there is dialog in the raid this time. . . Reconsider making the Raid a prerequisite for Nightfall and Weekly activities at least. And consider having multiple levels requirements for Heroics still. We shouldn't feel forced to run through the new dlc as fast as we can. And thank you so much for lifting the Legendary Marks Cap!!! Great move there and making rewards account wide. Those changes are going to be well appreciated by all of us.

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