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Black Engrams!!!!!!!???????

I posted this a little earlier in another corner of the Forum World and it was suggested to me that I post it here as well, to try and catch the attention of our leadership. "This post is actually a comment to Mr. Cozmo, who commented on this post Cozmo, I would like to ask a seemingly dumb question. When there were pictures posted up of E3 (I can't for the life of me remember what exact site it was) I laid eyes upon foam engrams. Within a cluster of engrams in one picture were every color representing Common to Exotic (Green-Yellow), but what really got my attention was a Black engram. Now my colorblind settings might have been acting up so my question to you my Liege, was this just a coincidence or is there something more here? Thank you. I believe I found the picture but not for certain. In this picture it looks as though it may be a green engram under poor lighting. Either way, wouldn't be pretty neat to see a Black Engram fall from a Fallen boss!!!!!!!??????? How awesome would it be to not only receive ONE guaranteed item at a time, but the chance of said bosses dropping a Black Engram? Obviously it would be as rare as an elemental weapon drop from Skolas. The possibilities!!!" Edit: Thank you to Quiksilva94 for this link below, which tells us that there is in fact a SUBLIME ENGRAM exclusive to Playstation!!! This is said at about 5:17 in the video.

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