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8/28/2015 12:55:05 AM

Are you interested in joining a clan that helps other and has a few laughs along the way? Do you like playing with other friendly and clan members that will help you achieve your goals or maybe you like to help out? If so join my friend:)

Hi there my name is Ripperjack797, I'm the original founder of Terror Britannia. One of 3 massive clans that are based all around the world. Our main mission is to help those in need and have a good time and a few laughs while we overcome these challenges as well as getting players ready for ttk which is coming soon. We want to make sure you're not left behind and that the clan you find yourself in become your main choice of socialising and making new friendships as we dive deep into a new chapter of Destiny in every dlc that comes. We're here to make sure this is like a family to you so no worries if you feel down, we'll help you if you need to and we'll definitely not discriminate you based on gender, race, ethnicity or skills. We are making very big improvements to the clan and if you have a suggestion don't be afraid to tell. We love our members feedback and making sure this is your go to clan for Destiny and as well as being active, we will be hosting tournaments on Christmas as we have around 700 players in total from all 3 clans and would love to have more to compete in these daunting tasks to see the clear winner and of course build new alliances and make the best out of Destiny:) One last thing to close this, our 3 clans are specific to their regions so if you're UK and interested join Terror Britannia, or if you're U.S join Americus and so forth..thx for the cooperation guys:) For those in the U.S, Canada and all of North America here's the link to our Terror Americus clan:) For those in UK/Europe here's the link to Terror Britannia:) For those in Australia and New Zealand here's the link to Terror Australis:)

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