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8/26/2015 7:00:24 PM

Theater in the tower

Upon watching Bungie’s recent live streams on twitch of the Taken King lately, it dawned on me… How awesome would it be if the tower had a theater room where you and other guardians to go and sit down to watch Destiny content!!! I say "content" because this shouldn’t be limited to just live stream reveals. This could (and should) in fact include but not be limited to: Viewing Options 1. Bungie’s live stream reveals 2. Spectating live Crucible matches and tournaments 3. Spectating live Strikes and Raids 4. Destiny’s Trailers for upcoming releases 5. Bungie's documentaries detailing how future releases of Destiny are being created 6. In-game cut-sences that have been unlocked by the player (sorted in chronological order I would assume) 7. Replays of Crucible Matches!!!! (this is a huge on for me that I could right a whole separate post about) 8. Replays of Strikes 9. Replays of Raids 10. Bungie’s curated list of weekly top clips of player gameplay (from both crucible and PVE content) 11. Bungie approved fan creations of Destiny related content (similar to the content featured on weekly updates on Setup: When I think how the theater could be constructed, I imagine a large Amphitheater where guardians could sit in a chair in front of a giant movie screen to initiate theater mode. from there, they can choose to stay in third person mode where they can see themselves with the screen in front of them, or go full screen (switching back and forth as desired). The giant movie screen would display live events (Viewing options #1-3) and re-runs of certain live events. for all other viewing, there will be several smaller rooms to the left and right (outside of the main theater) where you and your fire-team can enter for a more personalized viewing experience (Viewing options #4-11). I understand that something like this would take a lot of work and time to implement but I think that a lot of people would love and use this feature everyday. Bump if you like my idea and thanks for reading! Dex

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