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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por Obi Wan Cannoli: 8/24/2015 1:19:46 AM

This game and company are literally sickening.

What the shit? All day long I've been getting error codes. Not only is this game horrible in the sense that it is a casual shitshow and half-finished, but also has a horrible netcode that just [i]loves[/i] to give error codes. I've got kicked out of the Tower with beetle errors, kicked offline entirely with budjie (although in fairness that was more that I got hostbooted in Trials), and the VoG just plain not working for shit. Oracles do not take 19+ VoC shots plus several Icebreaker rounds and still not die. But apparently they decided to today. And I just love that I've seen "Contacting Destiny Servers" all day. And one of my friends has seen it all week long. Of course, on top of everything else, there is the fact that Trials is still full of cheaters that you refuse to do anything about. And you decide to take months to actually fix the game's abhorrent weapons balancing. And let's not forget that Bungie [i]still[/i] hasn't learned from their past mistakes regarding weapons/armor and upgrading attack/defense values, and the system they used for deciding what gets upgraded to Year 2 seems like they just picked names out of a hat. They don't even think about their fanbase anymore, charging $100+ to play their beta before releasing the rest of it at $40, and are down to the bare minimum of Community involvement. Even with fuc­king Reach they cared about us more, and actually posted from time to time, instead of just DeeJ/Cozmo once every few weeks. But now? I doubt if I named 5 employee usernames the people here would know who the hell they are, because of how absent their presence is.

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