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5 months since Weapon Balancing

Bungie should focus on re-balancing very soon


Bungie has too much to do atm, balance later


Just fix the 'Broken' weapons, nothing else.


Title says it all. I just feel that close to half a year with the same broken (good and bad) weapons is a bit ridiculous. Seems like Bungie is far too concerned with getting new 'Content' out, that they have simply forgotten about the stuff we deal with every single day. There are plenty of other things to work on of course, but for 'an ever changing sandbox,' 5 months of no changes seems quite a bit stale. Agree? Disagree? Let me/ Bungie know why. I've also put up a short poll to help potential readers see which is trending. EDIT: I see quite a few votes, but not nearly as many comments. Just reminding readers that even if you don't agree, the best way to let Bungie know how you feel, is to actually say it. EDIT2: So there is a new update in the works, and While many people are all 'upset' about Ghorn and Black hammer, I think many of the changes when taken as a whole, should provide a much more balanced Weapons environment. HOWEVER, this update may not actually hit until TTK, which in my opinion is MUCH too far away. 7 months of no weapons changes is ridiculous, I think Bungie needs to release this update before July is out in order to keep the game from being dead from an entertainment point until ttk Comes out.

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