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Nighthawk In Year 2

So some exotic armor pieces are being brought back and tweaked in year 2. I was thinking the Nighthawk should be one of them. Now I love the NH. Nothing feels better honestly then melting down an ultra with one shot, however, I have a small revision in mind that would make it more effective. Instead of just 1 single shot that does 6x damage, how about an option underneath (Iike how many armor pieces or ghost shells have now two choices of perks you select from) the main NH perk for a 2 shot option that each do 3x damage. PVE it would give you a chance to choose exactly how much damage you want to inflict without over killing a target. Because while overkill is fun at times, sometimes it's nice to be able to do just enough damage as needed and then move onto another target. It would make it more tactical. I don't see many uses for it in PVP. Seems like a waste. The counter arguments I see for PVP is Titan bubble and insta shot when radiance and other supers that give health bonus are active. I see it wasteful of a GG of you use the 2 shot feature in PVP. Shading a Titan bubble, it takes two shots to drop a bubble and only then will you be able to GG the Titan. So with the helmet it stays the same situation. One shot to drop the bubble, one to kill. I still rather have the option of having the regular 3 shot GG with another exotic armor on. Or I would go with AS. My revision is mainly for PVE still. Thoughts and comments Gunslingers?

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