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Has Treyarch done the impossible with black ops 3? New Zombies Trailer!

Guys I'm shocked that the black ops 3 beta is actually good. Movement is a huge improvement over AW, it feels right. Map design is quality. The gore is awesome. Time to kill is longer that AW, is perfect. I'm getting a MW2 T2K vibe. Netcode: I'm not noticing many BS moments online. I'll need more time with this as the majority of McDonald's wifi connections would still be downloading the game. Has treyarch done the impossible, invigorated a dying franchise? This could be one of the best cod in years. Zombies should be awesome too, how do you guys feel about the beta? EDIT: Day 2, so the lag begins. Game was running great yesterday, today the net-code is a complete mess. I'm guessing the servers are stressed, or all the dial-up connections are out in force. :)☺😄 EDIT: I hear a lot of xbox players are having problems with freezing, gun camo not working. Possible fix - Try deleting the game, reinstalling as this has helped other players. If that doesn't work use a second profile. EDIT 2: Here guys check out the new Zombies trailer, the reason why last gen campaign was ditched explained by a dev in link below...

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