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IN-Game LFG and OPMM have The Same Goal In Mind! Shine IN!

Implement IN-Game LFG Methods


Do Not Implement In-Game LFG Methods


Hey Guys and Gals, Some may know me, some not so much. Call me Xc For Short or Evil or Geni :) it is all Good With me. ...Guardians, time and time again our voices keep getting shut down..... what will we do? don't you think it is time we Unite as Community and get the real issues of Destiny Addressed? i know many of you do. don't be afraid you are entitled to your Perception of what is to become of Destiny. Take a moment and leave Your Egos behind. Follow Me To a Land Divine, where OPMM and LFG Intertwine... Many of you are against OPMM and the same reasoning keeps popping up: [quote]"all you get is AFC's with MM" "We don't want to carry Randoms through a Strike or Raid." "they Don't have a Mic"[/quote] [b]That is it Right?[/b] i play the Vanguard Strike Playlist Quite a lot. through most of those strikes i probably got a total of 5 AFC's from beginning of Launch to now. That Says a Lot. let us think this through for second.[b] if someone is going to be AFC during the game why bother logging in?[/b] some may say for the rewards. do you hear yourselves? [b]why bother playing the game at all if your just going to be there for the rewards and never actually use the weapons and gear? there is no Point.[/b] yes that doesn't change the fact people go AFC; However, we are over exaggerating this situation. [b]at some point they will get bored and start participating, meaning those AFC players come and go.[/b] they do not have that much of an Impact on your experience(hold on i know what your thinking. hold that thought). of course we do not want to carry players through the game. [b]take what i am about to say into consideration:[/b] Carrying said players means they do not know how to play as good or have trouble doing so. in this case[b] we should as a community accept the challenge. Your Legend enough. Right?[/b] and besides don't you have a heart? be kind and lend a hand, after all, is that not what you do to make friends? on the plus you get the help those players[b] "Get Gud!" [/b]as some of you may say. [b]this helps the community Grow and form strong bonds within Destiny. is that not what we are looking for? [/b]This way we do not have to spend so much time out of game to form groups. it is all their in game. we just need to learn how to use it for our benefit. we are smart Individuals and we all have the same goal in mind. which is to have Fun and Enjoy this (Blank) of a Game. They don't have a mic! Great Point. [b]What Modes In Destiny Really Require a Mic?[/b] The Raids, ToO and PoE right? some may argue with this. that is cool. [b]Point is The game will Dictate when you need to use a mic.[/b] witch is cool. [b]we love communication in a Multiplayer game or else is destroys the purpose.[/b] How do we solve this? simple. we keep thinking about MM in its General Sense and how it is used in other Games. we need to Open our Minds. Bungie Can Modfiy OPMM to Include Options such as Level Requirement Options, Mic or No Mic or both, Kick Option(comment to go into this further). [b]Wheres the In-Game LFG you ask?[/b] just like you have a vault with all your weapons so too should Destiny have Mutliple ways of forming Groups in game. So many options at there hands. look below. check em Out. [spoiler][url][/url]@Lost Sols, Hosted lobbies like Perfect Dark and Gears of War [url][/url] @ll Stargazer x, Host/find options from playlists [url][/url] @Der Sheff, OMM for some events. In-game LFG for others. [url][/url] @gallp13, In Tower LFG bulletin board. [url][/url] @Trýnn , In-game recruitment menu. [url][/url] @Hektik, Destiny start menu LFG [url] [/url]@Hektik, Clan functionality [url][/url] @itsmeadamg, On clan support [url][/url] @SHADA_ST, OMM and clan support applications [url][/url] @Lost Sols, Community thread on ideas for implementing OMM/LFG/Full clan functionality.[/spoiler] Remember that thought i told you to hold? well did you take the links into consideration along side the OPMM i explained? this benefits the whole Community. if we want True Change Guardians we need to make this a two way street. [b]is this not the middle ground we have been seeking?[/b] for next gen consoles we most certainly should not be leaving the console to play console games. yes LFG Sites allow you to pick and Choose. the list above does too. they have the same Goal Guardians. to help us Find a Group. Let it Be an Option to Find one that Suits You!... by all Means leave your Feedback Please!....The Phoenix Is Rising.. [b]As Always, May The Light Be With You![/b]

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