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Hablemos de Destiny.
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XÜR is selling GJALLARHORN and it's crazy!

These scrubs get to put their grubby mitts on such a weapon that should be EARNED, not XÜRNED. I have over 9,000 hours on this game, and I have scratched my nuts a few times JUST TO PLAY THE GODFORSAKEN NUGGETFALL. BUNGIE. Why do these little pricks deserve something that is so amazing when they should be getting some piece of shit garbage like SUWOS Wayjeem? (Not to be confused with the Godly SUROS Regime) and for Christ's sake, I had to name my child Lafayette. Do you know what Lafayette means in Italian? It means Baguette. Bungie, you better fix this before you lose your best customer. If you think you can just do whatever you want with Xür, and do some stupid shit like this again, a lot of people will be making petitions to remove Xûr. Do you better think real carefully if you want to survive for those 10 years. [i]-TheGreatSkechers [/i]

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