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Question for Bungie regarding Optional Matchmaking and LFG systems

Why is a in-game optional matchmaking system or LFG system such a bad thing? Both ways can only make money since you are loosing so many gamers what with the pricing of the taken king outside of the states, making year 1 weapons and gear that people spent thousands of hours acquiring obsolete, the fact you said the game will not have matchmaking for raids and other end game activities, bias towards casual gamers I call it and however many that have left prior to this point for many other reasons. You need to do more to keep players active in the game, having to go outside the game to make a group with manual matchmaking with random's that can take 5 minutes to 6 hours is a chore and waste of time, clans are not supported in the game and we are expected to add random's to our friends list when they are not friends. Too many better looking games are coming out, Fallout 4, Halo 5, Gears of War, why should we stick with Destiny? rant over, I don't expect you to answer, just wanted to put this out there with a slither of hope for an answer. thank you for your continued support for a optional matchmaking or LFG system, Stargazer Out solution EDIT: so far the only reason people are giving is that groups of noobs will be put together and fail all the time, ok that may be the case but I ask you this, did you yourself not start out as a noob, not knowing what to do, where to go, how to do things? we all learn from mistakes. Granted that microphones are required for Raids and my counter to that is why not simply add a forced mic setting to it so when you choose a Raid it would not let you join unless you had a mic plugged in.

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