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Breaking news from the tower! (G-day news reports and safety info)

Today was a miraculous day for guardians in the tower because Xur, agent of the nine, is selling Gjallarhorn. Guardians are flocking from all over the galaxy to pick up copies of this mythical weapon. But the celebration turned sour as guardians began firing their new Gjallarhorns in celebration while still inside the tower. Five civilians were injured in the tower night club and two are still missing in the debris. Master Rahool of the cryptarchs is in critical care after a stray rocket collapsed his work station just this morning. The speaker is planning to deliver a public speech regarding the situation in a half hour. We will keep you updated as events unfold. To report further incidents to Tower News 5, please report them in this thread. UPDATE: -Rahool is currently stable. He's hooked up to a purple IV engram sedating him with blue engram essence. -Still no word from the speaker. EDIT-1: New reports are coming in that guardians who are unfamiliar with Gjallarhorn have accidentally shot themselves with the exotic rocket launcher. Zavala, the titan vanguard, would like to remind everyone to read the safety manual included with the launcher and to not fire the weapon while looking down the opening where the rocket comes out, as this can lead to serious personal injury. Some guardians are expecting a recall due to safety concerns from citizens of the last city. We will keep you updated on these developments. EDIT-2: New reports are surfacing of people impersonating Xur selling cheaply constructed replicas of Gjallarhorn to unsuspecting guardians. Several scammed guardians first reported to us their launchers fell apart upon opening the box, or simply finding several bricks inside the packages. Other unfortunate buyers informed us that the Xur impersonator also asked for their credit cards and social security numbers in addition to the strange coins. Ikora Ray, the warlock vanguard, would like to remind guardians that Xur will never ask for your social security number or other credentials. He will only ask for strange coins for his exotic weapons. Xur is also distinguishable by the tentacles coming out of his face. We would also like to remind guardians that you should ask anyone claiming to be sell exotic weapons to see their merchant's permit and certification. Please report any suspicious characters or activity to Tower News 5. We will keep you posted on further developments. EDIT-3: We are just now receiving reports that a satirical group of protesting guardians are being harassed in the tower. Eye witnesses have told us that some guardian's who are peacefully protesting several elitist factions by way of satirical mockery are being verbally harassed. We would like to remind guardians wishing to protest these elitist factions to very clearly show their protest signs labeled as "#satire" and "#gr8b8m8" so they are not mistaken for other parties. We will keep you posted with updates and safety tips as events continue.

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