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8/9/2015 3:59:45 PM

Keep your word, Bungie.

Bungie should take some time and focus on addressing and fixing the problems in the game before adding more broken content to an already-broken game.


Bungie should continue to add beta-content and ignore the error codes, poor connections and glitches thriving in Destiny.


Bungie promised us so much and failed to meet their own standards. They practically released the beta of the game and have failed to address many of the error codes that have been rampant since the beginning, offering little more that "reset your modem/turn off your console and wait" for help. However, they still continue to put out more content with new errors and problems, causing a large amount of unrest and anger in the player community. There's a good chance bungie will not even glance at this post, or do anything about it if they happen to see it. It can't hurt to try, though. Pick your stance in hopes of a better tomorrow, guardians. Bungie, give us the game that we paid for, the game that we deserve, the game that we were promised.

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