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publicado originalmente en: Lvl 35 Skolas's Revenge
8/8/2015 10:39:59 AM
Please note that the Hunter can also be replaced by a Warlock. You trade going invisible for Fireborn. It works just as well*** How to go into easy mode on Skolas. What you'll need: 2 defenders w/ high 90s intellect and gift of the void. 1 blade dancer who can turn invisible. There are 3 major sections to this. The Left Platform, The Right Platform and Roles. -The Left Platform. Starting out the airlock run left, kill the silver servator, out damage on skolas. When skolas gets near run to the right platform. The amount of damage your team does to Skolas here doesn't matter, it's just an early chance to get him started. -The Right Platform. Coming from the left platform, run straight ahead to the right platform after doing a little damage to Skolas(if possible, sometimes he teleports almost instantly on top of you), the one that has 2 small walls on it's left and right. When Skolas appears in front of the platform have one of the Titans place a bubble inbetween the two walls making one long complete wall. If the Titan has Gift of the Void on(which is a must for this to work) then they'll make 5 orbs of light. This should be enough to get the second Titan to have a bubble ready. When the first bubble fades away have the second Titan replace it with their bubble. This will then again create 5 orbs and help the other Titan get to super, effectively creating an infinite Ward of Dawn and very safe place to complete the round. Time the triggering of each mine sequence with the hunter passing off the essence. This will allow them to go get the mines and not worry about the essence. The titans will stay on the right platform unless THEY MUST get the middle mine. In that case both Titans go together and keep up bubble loops. Clear out ads while on the platform. Do not rush things. If you miss the timing for the Hunter to pass off just do another round of pass the essence and try again. There are 2 outcomes if you did the mines correctly. The first and more ideal but harder outcome; mines are disabled, the hunter is running back to the right platform, the Hunter grabs the essence just in time and no one dies. Outcome 2; the Hunter is a little slow getting back, one Titan dies with the essence, the other stays alive and puts a bubble up as soon as the other Titan dies, the Hunter gets back, you revive the down Titan and begin the essence passing again. -Roles. Once your team is setup on the right platform and has the infinite Ward of Dawn in place you're ready to kill Skolas almost effortlessly. --Hunters role: to traverse the stage. Kill the servator and disable far side mines. --Titans role: keep the infinite WoD going. --Everyone on the teams role on top of class based roles: call out essence timer, clear ads, call out enemies that jump on the platform, damage Skolas. Hope this helps everyone. Please note that this is only ONE way to complete Skolas. I've found this method very friendly to any player vet or newcomer. I have yet to need to restart round 6 since using this method. It is very mistake friendly. Several times my team has been down to the last guardian but we never fully died.

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