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8/6/2015 3:59:03 AM

I hate pvp...

Well it is a simple solution, just don't play it. I just kind of state why I hate pvp. 1) It is the same thing everygame. There is constantly no variety in pvp, it is just, Thorn or last word, with a long range high impact shotgun, with a rocket launcher (and SOMETIMES a machine gun) 2) Instakill meta: Well this IS getting patched for TTK but I just wanted to state that problem I have now. 3) Seemingly no sportsmanship: three words: Childish Tea Bagging... 4) Tea Bagging (I hate it that much) 5) The forums: Anytime, and I mean anytime, I see someone critique multiplayer AT ALL they are instantly called a childish, fun hating, entitled, asshole, who just isn't good or likes the game, when they just want to make the game better... I know a lot of problems are getting fixed in multiplayer, mostly the first two, so I can get rid of those when the patch roles on, but for the seems it wont....

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