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Editado por UniqueGamer: 8/1/2015 1:35:38 PM

Supers Suck

Am I the only guardian that is hit by every single super during a game? I mean there can be literally 4 guardians around me, yet the warlock, titan, or hunter somehow single me out and hit me with their super. Mind you the other 4 guardians run off to happy land or immediately kill the player that just cast their super. This happens so often that I am actually considering changing my shader..... I have a funny feeling that somewhere on me is super tracker that automatically targets me when a super is cast. Maybe not the shader......Gauntlets? An example would be I was playing iron banner in Burning shrine (love that map) and was going for bravo with 2 other guardians. Suddenly from above a warlock comes gliding in. Shots fired, missed, bam super cast- Nova Bum.... Me dead, Warlock dead, other two guardians capturing Bravo. Later that same game, I went for heavy ammo, bam... Fist of Panic....All other guardians present miraculously survived! As I respawn, I move forward with my trusty team mates and see a warlock get killed. Warlock uses reservation and begins throwing hot pockets everywhere. Somehow I made it through this only to be blind sided by a Golden Girl around the corner....... This happens so regularly that it must be a bug. Bungie needs to address this blatant abuse of players that are being individually targeted by Supers. Enough is enough! Reserved for future edits: Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if someone gets offended by me renaming their supers. I have 3 34s in every class. I use all the Supers...... if I'm really lucky I actually get someone :/ Tldr: Just like the damn thing :)

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