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Bungie Quotes Examined! Join In! Pt2

5) [quote]"We will find you enemies, but we won't find you friends" ~Derek Carroll~~May 19, 2015~~Crucible Design Leader~ [/quote]click here [url=][/url] this is in line with the quote Below. so just follow the link to my thread and i will tell you what’s wrong with these two quotes. 6)[quote]“At current, our philosophy about endgame content is that part of the challenge includes forming up a team. This is a strong community filled with players who are looking for teammates. Why not seek each other out here and band together?~~Around May 25,2015~~Deej~~Community Manager~ [/quote] My Thread In response is Here. [url=] [/url] 7)[quote] ”With Destiny, we couldn't create a world that players want to live in by leveraging our old habits. We want to improve, grow and evolve Destiny in the coming weeks, months and - hopefully - years.” ~September 8, 2104~~ Destiny Dev Team~Update patch notes 1.01~[/quote] they still have not created a world we want to live in. the reason being is they are still holding on to Old Habits. Prime example is there philosophy. the philosophy dictates in what fashion they handle the game and shape its future. understand this was 500 Million Dollar Budget Game. no not for the whole 10 years but for the Game Destiny itself. even if it was for the whole ten years point is the game could be way better than it is now. everything that came after the game should be what the player decides by in game choices(they did say this). this is proven when taking into consideration everything The Bungie team has Said Regarding destiny. i even have a quote from deej (#2 &3) that shines light into the fact that Destiny Should have been released with tons of more content than it turned out to give. I honestly think that Good games like the Destiny we were going to get, until someone ruined it, will never make it into our hands until this money thing gets resolved. think about it. why make a massive game with tons of content and things to do that will last years and sell if only for 60$ when you can separate the content and sell it through Add ons costing 40$ a pop,making more money than anyone thought possible. i guess someone was crazy enough to try and pulling it off. it is up to us! only we can put an end to this this is how they think. because money is all they care about. the Quality of the product is what we are paying for Guardians. not just a game. this quality of a game is cheap. Mario has a way better story than Destiny. that has got to be sad. Guardians, are you happy these are the people we are willingingly giving our money too? is it not time stand up for Ourselves and the Community? i honestly have to say i have had enough! i’m willing to stand for what i know is right! How Many of You are Willing to Do The Same!? ~May The Light Always be With You!~

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