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Editado por Dukaness: 7/31/2015 8:32:30 PM

Let's Play A Game - If You Laugh, You Watch My Stream Today

Guardians, EDIT: 2 flawless runs down! [u][b]Logistics[/b][/u] I'm playing [b]ToO from 1pm to 1am EST today, Friday July 31st[/b]. Early on, I'll be playing with the best players in my clan to secure our own flawless cards, and will then be helping my other clan mates and potentially viewers. I have a whopping 9 followers on Twitch (EDIT: 15 now!), 7 of which are people in my clan. I don't stream seriously (I have a full time job) and I'm not looking to be the next TripleWreck, but I enjoy an audience and interacting with people like you. My channel: [b]EDIT[/b]: I will likely be warming up with Skirmish an hour or so before ToO goes live. I'll start the stream early. [u][b]The Game[/b][/u] Below are two links to memes I've made in the past. [b]So here's the deal[/b]. You click those two links. If at any point you smile, you have to watch 2 games tomorrow. A light chuckle will cost you 4 games worth of your time. If you straight up burst out laughing, you owe me 8 games! Click at your own risk ;) [b]Part 1[/b]: [b]Part 2[/b]: [u][b]Other[/b][/u] For the record, if you're worried about skill, I've been to the light house every week, and as high as 4 times in one week. The guys I'll be playing with tomorrow afternoon are as good (if not better) than me. We have a strong chance of getting a few flawless cards, at least one. At minimum, I'm pretty handy with my Herbal Essence sniper, and have been known to clutch a 1v3 every now and then. Hope to see at least 9 more different faces tomorrow. Haha. - Duke

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