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7/30/2015 4:36:14 PM

Hate Mail

Thorn- if it's gonna be used by over half the PvP players (including myself) then only nerf the damn green screen. It's burning a permanent green color in my picture tube. Gally-make it drop more so people quit crying they don't have one. Don't care about the nerf, I'm a tomorrow's answer kinda guy BH-don't use it don't care IB-nerfed or not, if I'm running solo and not in the mood to play GI Joe attack mode then I will still sit back and wait for its recharge. Lag switchers- remove them, castrate them, or what ever. Just take some fricken action. Till then, I'm not gonna rage, threaten to quit, or jump over a cliff. Take my loss and move on. $40 for TTK- screw it, I'm not playing anything else anyways and Loving destiny has saved me more than that from buying and trying other games. However, with this extra $ hire some extra help and fix your glitches. KOD (kids on destiny)- grow up or I'm telling your Mom's. Did I miss anything? If I did, then oops- my bad. Ok, lay it on me, let the hate mail fly..

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