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1400 motes...really?

I realize RNG has been beaten to death pretty much since day one, but it is still a major issue. I am a Day One player with three level 34 characters, countless raid and PoE completions, 3500 grimoire score, and well over 1000 hours logged. One of my biggest drives in Destiny is to collect everything: grimoire, exotics, etc. So when Xur came to the Tower with helmet engrams this week, I saw it as a chance to collect a much needed HoW exotic, the Celestial Nighthawk. Since the drop of HoW, I have purchased a total of 62 helmet engrams from our tentacle-faced friend for the hefty total of 1426 motes of light. I have exhausted my supplies of ascendant and radiant materials at the Speaker. I have redeemed my stash of cores from Variks for gear to be dismantled for motes. I have done the same with Vanguard and Crucible marks on each of my three characters. In one last ditch effort to aquire the final piece to my exotic helmet puzzle, I traded every last strange coin in my possession for motes as well. Still no Nighthawk. So far the last 36 hours, I have been reduced to repetitively running the level 28 PoE to loot the final chests for additional motes. My question to Bungie is not "why don't I have every exotic?", but "[b]WHEN THERE ARE ONLY 15 EXOTIC HELMETS, WHY HAVE I NOT RECEIVED AT LEAST ONE OF EACH AFTER OVER 60 ATTEMPTS?[/b]" (caps for visual emphasis, not emotional) Ideally I should have at least four. For the past hour or so, I have been scouring the forums for similar stories of which there are a select few extreme cases. Most are just griping about Gjallarhorn, which is understandable but not exactly relevant to my argument since Xur has never sold and exotic heavy engram. I am interested to know how many people here have also been cheated out of their motes by this seeming conspiracy between the mysterious Xur and his cryptarch duo. Edit: As an analytically minded person, it just rubs me the wrong way when I get to thinking about the numbers. As a completionist, it rubs me even harder to think that this one item is eluding my grasp after so many attempts. Edit: After a month and a half and 1771 motes, I finally purchased the Celestial Nighthawk from Xur for 13 coins.

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