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7/29/2015 1:13:53 PM

"Global goals" bounties

With the new update coming in 2.0 making the bounties/missions page that much nicer why not introduce a new type of bounty for the whole world to work for! We have all seen it in just about every mmorpg, it's a global infestation or currency is on the rise or something around the sort of making the entire world compete against for one goal. Each week it switches off to another global goal, whether last week it was hunt the hive or this week it's complete patrol missions and the next week it's defeat titans in the crucible. Make it a fun exciting adventure, along with sub categories for how much you contribute throughout the week determines the reward you get on the next reset. It could be anywhere from 1 hive kill to 5000 hive kills, and ranging from let's say 1 etheric light/hard-to-come-by material all the way up to 4-5 etheric light! Please leave some feedback guardians. Make the world know about this topic.

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