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7/26/2015 7:38:08 PM

Patience and time/exotic analysis and review

Ok, so im sitting here bored and decided id do a quick text review of the exotic sniper patience and time, figure ill do this each weak with the weapon zur is selling and how it fits into the current meta of that week. So without further delay lets get started. P&T exotic sniper Arc damage This weapon is good at all stages of leveling and has a solid magazine size. Its a vanilla exotic which lets it have feild scout a now rare/exclusive perk to pre HoW snipers. The weapons insane stavility when upgraded to the second row perks is amazing combined with its already low recoil allowing for fast precises hits. Its impact is in the mid range while its RoF is pretty high. Giving this weapon an above average dps for snipers allowing its to easily compete with and outperform most other snipers. The aim assist on it is in the mid range and doesnt drag your aimer all over the place when dealing with multiple targets and allows quick snapping between targets leading to easy multi-kills. With the current way the crucible meta is its only likely to see service ona few niche maps like pantheon, shores of time, widows court, etc... As well as in the combined arms playlist. Its zoom distance is solid across all map types and stays fairly cloose to the center of the screen when zooming in allowing for easy quickscopes and semi-reliable hip firing at close ranges. For pve the weapon is very good in most situations due to its base perks, and with the specialist and arc burn modifiers this weapon excels even more than one might expect and is definatley worth the exotic slot. The main perk, patience and time. Allows the weilder to become invisible for a period of time after scoping in. This perk in pve is great for when you need time to recover, or when you need to get a line on a target that has lots of adds around it. In pve further it acts as true invisibility leaving you completley un-noticed by adds. In pvp the perk is fairly solid in that it can sometimes buy you those few precious seconds you need to get a good shot off on an othwrwise higher skilled sniper. The other perk third eye is good in its own right in pvp but in pve when combined with the P&T main perk can grant you a few extra seconds of warning before an enemy could otherwise sneak up and inflict damage, or even kill you in mist nightfalls. The only downsides is that the first perk column doesnt allow for different scopes so your stuck at the given zoom range, and a few of the other perk choices are just ignored because the weapon has better perks to choose from. That being said as im sure you already guessed i would give this weapon a 9/10 rating and definatley recomend buying it. With the changes shown in the patch 2.0 weapon balance preview this weapon is likely to become even more predominant with the nerf of thorn(cancer), and high range shotguns(aids).

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