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Hablemos de Destiny.
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WE NEED THE VOLUNTEERS This is The Destiny Day Club. If you ever want to escape these forums go here. Currently we are looking for volunteers. It is open from 8am-2pm PST. 10am-4pm CST. 11am-5pm EST. [i][u]Question of the DAY:[/u][/i] If you could be in one fallen house which would a it be and why? [i][u]Song of the Day:[/u][/i] [url=]Song[/url] [b][i][u]Dance Floor Theme[/u][/i][/b] Space Cowboy We work in shifts. Jobs are: •Bartender(Only drinks) multiple each shift Shifts needed: 1,2,3 •Chef(Only food) multiple each shift Shifts needed: 1,2,3 •Dancers(1 each shift) Shifts needed:1,2 •MOST IMPORTANT IS THE ASSISTANT MANAGER.(WORKS WHEN IM NOT AROUND) ALL TIME Shift 1: 8am to 10am PST. 10am to 12pm CST. 11am to 1pm EST Shift 2: 10am to 12pm PST. 12pm to 2pm CST. 1pm to 3pm EST Shift 3: 12pm to 2pm PST. 2pm to 4pm CST. 3pm to 5pm EST DarkBlade99990-Question Maker DudMuffin65-DJ You can pick multiple shifts [spoiler] Volunteers Shift 1: Master Chief-Bodyguard SmoggyNeptune-Chief Bartender[/spoiler] [spoiler] Volunteers Shift 2: Cayde-6-Bodyguard Skoriks-Cheif Bartender[/spoiler] [spoiler] Volunteers Shift 3: Shin Malphur-Bodyguard -Dancer[/spoiler] That is the late night club. He is the original. Give the credit to him

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