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7/21/2015 2:43:34 PM

Another (positive) GHorn post

Beta player here, and I have done three nightfalls a week, with a few exceptions since day one. Anyways, I was doing the nightfall this week on my hunter. My friend, running his titan with WoL, and I had gotten to Omnigul, and we thought with the burn we should try the Celestial Nighthawk with the WoL buff. So we did. BOOM! 58700 damage! I grabbed his orbs from the bubble, popped it again, and another 58K! By now, she's at one third health and the wizards have spawned. He throws his Gjallerhorn shots to take them out, and I Fang of Ir Yut her into oblivion. And yes, I am Gelly of his Ghorn, since I have not gotten one yet, but we will let that go. Those of you without one at this point feel my pain. We were super psyched about how fast we burnt her down and were contemplating trying to get three Nighthawks in some time in the future when the rewards screen pops. And guess what? My first Gjallerhorn! I get to enjoy it before the nerf! Hooray! So finally got my Ghorn! And burned Omnigul to the ground! All in all, a good reset day!

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