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7/18/2015 10:23:57 PM

Thanks for punishing us

So you punish us? Thanks a lot.... So our game starts lagging due to no one in specific, ends up kicking my friend out. Not only do you give him a red mark on his passage but you also don't let him join back into our game? "Unable to join" that really pisses me off that due to lag you punish us we had to fight the remainder of our 4 to 1 game we had winning, with only two, they of course rushed hard and played well with three and THEY TOOK IT BACK, making us lose, not only am I disappointed that he could not get back in, but that someone also gets a red mark.... For lagging out??? That's absolute asinine bull**** you fix this and you fix this now, I can't even believe some of this, basic stuff not being attended to, mind is blown

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