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7/18/2015 12:54:30 AM

How to get celestial nighthawk without spending strange coins.

A bunch of fools are blindly throwing strange coins at xur for the nighthawk when they don't realize that they already have it. Because i feel bad for you guys ,ill show you how to make one for yourself,all you need is the Mask of the third man: 1.Get your mask of the third man [spoiler] [/spoiler] 2.Get some clay or paper mache and fashion yourself a hawk mask. [spoiler] [/spoiler] [quote]Note:you can also go out on patrol and find a piece of scrap metal that kinda looks like a hawk mask.[/quote] 3. Once ready,Get some paint and color it the iconic gold,red,and white. Make sure to add many coats to make sure it isn't shader-friendly. 4.After it is dry,get adhesive (glue,chewed bubble gum), and place the hawk mask over the third man mask. It is important to make sure that the majority of the mask is covered to fool people into thinking that it's an all new design and not another exotic reskin. Make sure that only the bottom yellow and gray parts aren't covered. [spoiler] [/spoiler] Congratulations!!! Not only did i save you strange coins but i made you a proud owner of a celestial nighthawk! Now take what i have taught you and go one shot everything!! *Whether you actually get the CN perks may vary

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