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How to make Matchmaking Work in Destiny for ALL players and Private Crucible matches

This is a suggestion but I would like a reply from any of our Community Managers so that we have a civilised conversation on the matter, on that note I Welcome you Cozmo, my your light guide Bungie down a brighter path and future which is slowly descending into darkness As the Heading says I hope to put forward a solution that would make Matchmaking work for EVERYONE. Those who don't think it would work please comment a reason as to why, thank you in advance for taking the time to read. My Suggestion is focused on a Host/Find system similar to that of Gears of War, Perfect Dark and Dragon Age Inquisition, you MUST be at or over the minimum level requirement for the activity to access said activity(crucible does not apply as level requirements don't apply) drop below minimum level at your own risk During Activity selection on a play list (crucible/strikes/POE lv28/weekly) it would prompt you with HOST and FIND as options. Host: you are a host of a private match on the selected activity (you don't earn marks or bounty progress in crucible matches), you can also add a modifier to private games even in crucible (does not effect Weekly or POE lv28) Find: is as it is now, you are matched with random players this allows for both Private and Match made sessions to be part of the Experience (1 request from the wish list) During Activity selection of Raids after difficulty selection you get to select: Host: you are the Host of the Raid session, you are given the option to allow for matchmaking or keep it private, you have all the power to kick players if you wish, you can also select up to 2 modifiers to the Raid if you want a challenge (all none helpful mods only) Find: you are placed in a queue waiting to be placed into a open Hosted session, you must understand that you may be kicked if the host feels you are not equipped well or lack communication Raid Checkpoints: when you Host your latest checkpoint becomes the start location, when Finding it groups you with groups at your checkpoint or the one previous (this is a risk you will have to take for wanting matchmaking :D) Microphones are a must for Raids as I discussed with a fellow Guardian, we both agreed that you must have a microphone plugged in at least to be able to use the matchmaking system, so if you don't have a mic plugged in you cannot use the matchmaking system, that being said if your controller or mic disconnect from the group during an activity you will be given a 60 second timer and be kicked once it hits 0. (only problem with this is party chat, it is unavoidable that some may be in them) During Activity selection POE lv32/34/35, basically the same as the Raid options for Host and Find: Added Checkpoints at half way points to the POE system, 5 rounds checkpoint is after round 3, 6 rounds checkpoint is after round 2 + 4 (this helps by not having to redo the tedious parts), Only players with the checkpoint can join those with the checkpoint EDIT: Nightfall's Basically the same way to make a group like the Play lists Host and Find options However, players cannot be kicked until the fire team is returned to orbit, the fire team will not disband upon returning to orbit, if a player leaves you can invite others but it will not add a random to the game until the fire team is back in orbit (does this sound ok to you guys?) Iron Banner remains the same EDIT: Trials of Osiris (this was hard) In trials you entre with a clean card of 9 win to 3 loss to acquire you can join in a group of 3, you can also join a match made group (you can fail/win either way) now the versus matchmaking system I would change, you will be put into a pool of groups with the same win to loss as your group, this keeps you active and against equally skilled teams. spawn locations would swap each round, if both teams are in the hill at sudden death then the round is a draw, regardless of how many players are in the hill. I would like to know which of these you like the most, be it all of them or a selection and if you dislike any idea please explain your reason as to why thank you for taking the time to read this and commenting. Stargazer out.

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