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We Need a way to Lock our Characters to help w/ accessibility

I need a way to lock my characters.


I don't need this.


Maybe if it works and is easy to understand.


I've realized it would be good to have a Locking ability for the Character selection menu. Maybe one that even requires a small code or prompt before deleting characters. This idea is especially needed if we are having users accidentally deleting items or friends sneaking into our rooms/account and deleting our characters because they want to play from a fresh start. Also maybe having it as an optional feature in the games settings. This Feedback is based on this post below. The user states he had a seizure that resulted in this issue. Maybe this locking idea can be included in the section for those that need Accessibility Settings, High Contrast settings, color blind, Sub-titles, or visually impared and hard of hearing help: and this weekly update: Also a solution to the problem right now is: [b]But bear in mind there are those with disabilities that can greatly benefit from this: [/b] Share your thoughts and feedback as to why you would or wouldn't want this implemented. [b]Thumbs up also if you like the idea too[/b]

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