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Editado por S0ulBearer: 5/6/2015 4:23:31 PM

Timur's Lash needs a nerf

501 comments I'm glad so many people agree!!! This gun is stupid, it has almost max impact. It dominates PvP, it needs to be balanced bungie I'm sick of getting murdered by it when I'm using an exotic gun like Suros. I don't want to go to heavy on nerfs and all I'm sick of pea shooters like everybody else, I think the best bet is to nerf reload speed. This will make everybody happy since they still have a powerful gun but once they are out of ammo they have to wait like 45 seconds to reload and continue on a spree, giving other guns a chance when they are unable to defend themselves. What do you guys think? [spoiler]Anybody who hasn't been tipped off by nerfing the RoF on the slowest shotgun in the game and adding an outlandish 45 second reload to an already meh gun needs to reevaluate what they are arguing about[/spoiler]

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