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7/1/2015 1:26:44 PM

Celestial Nighthawk Club

Just got this baby from Nightfall and I'm so pumped to finally enjoy playing my Gunslinger again! I guess RNG still hates me a bit since now this and my Symbiote both got sub-100 stat rolls, lol, but oh well! Perhaps having this new improved GG perk will make me commit to getting better at the throwing knife as well so I can feel like I'm not wasting so much potential of the subclass. I'm so in love with Warlock that I find it difficult at times to play my Hunter anymore, but I think this exotic will really help change that experience. I still feel like my Hunter is more squishy than my Warlock (which seems like an odd thing) but it's starting to become clear that Hunters really are the most fragile class in this game. All in all though, I'm excited. Other Gunslingers who have this sexy item come and celebrate with me! :)

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