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7/11/2015 5:54:16 PM

Community Event Bug

Hey folks, this is a recent thing that has started happening since I downloaded the House of Wolves expansion. From time to time, when doing a community event, there are a couple issues that arise. 1) I'll engage in the community event but it won't register on my screen that I am participating. The objective won't show up, the music won't change, etc etc. I will still complete the event as if all was normal, but then no experience will be given to me and I won't get any indication that I actually did it and that I received my rewards. Though, when I go online to check, it says that I did do it and that it is all fun and dandy. 2) I will engage in a community event and it will register that I am participating, but when I finish it I won't get any indication that it worked and that I received any rewards. Again, going online says it's all good and dandy. I don't know if there is just a minor coding bug going on with the HoW expansion, or if there is another issue all together, just thought I'd bring that up. It could lead to some folks being upset as they try and get their Moments of Triumph emblem. Thanks for the great game, keep on making it more and more awesome!

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