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WHATweWANT | YouTube Organization

Hello, my name is Tyler. [b]WHATweWANT[/b] is a YouTube channel that focuses on the needs and desires of the gaming community. Destiny is one of the main games being covered, as well as Halo. Therefore, I have created a clan on Destiny, and would love for anyone to join. No requirements such as skill is needed. I'd also love to meet you and play as well! I am very good at making videos, as I am currently a main member of both Ultimate Halo and HaloFollower. The focus of this organization is to grow a fan base that can share problems or desires they want with me, so that videos can be made covering those problems. A link to the channel is included in this post, as well as a link to the clan page. Every new member means a lot to me, and will make a difference in the long run. If you liked this, please help spread it! Thank you for your time! :) Clan page:

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