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Hablemos de Destiny.
7/3/2015 2:58:52 AM

The Ahamkaras are alive and abundant

Just saw a video on YouTube that shows the mysterious flying creatures doing more than just flying in the sky. But before I continue, the newer players might be wondering... [spoiler]What the flying -blam!- are dragons doing in Destiny?[/spoiler] Bungie has stated that these creatures are not dragons at all, but some sort of giant birds. But no one has believed them. Deep in Destiny lore (from what there is,) are tales of massive dragons called Ahamkaras that were hunted to extinction by Hunters and Warlocks... Or so we thought. In addition to seeing them fly all over Venus, one player has reported a potential nest for them. Out by the Endless Steps, past the cliffside, one player (I forget his name, but I know Killer was part of it,) has reported seeing dragons emerge from the cliffside in the distance, and flying into the sky, or back into the cliff. Seriously, look for yourself. But possibly the most definitive proof of all, is that the player has reported hearing them roar. I have yet to find this out, but I will. Just wanted to let the community know.

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