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2 things Destiny PVE requires for The Taken King to succeed

This is an opinion, if you wish to support this opinion please like, if you do not then please explain why, thanks for reading The 2 things Destiny PVE requires for when the Taken King releases (before or after) are both simple and helpful, Open world chat/ social chat/ proxy chat and optional matchmaking / LFG system Chat would be only active in Patrol, Social spaces and Raids by default, you can switch between social and private chat's in the UI (just like the Helm on/off) Optional Matchmaking opens up all activities to everyone at a set minimum level cap, you are put into OPMM once activity is selected, if you do wish to use it you can simply set it to ON in the UI, the default is set to off by design and will reset to off every time you log in to Destiny (just like the Helm on/off) LFG systems are more detailed as you can find exactly the person/persons you need for a Raid or find a group which is looking for someone of your level, class and have a mic / no mic (you would set your LFG details on a bounty board or in the UI and will be able to carry on doing other things until a group is found) detailed below are the ranks I had in mind for optional matchmaking these would be the options in the setting screen (UI), you can change them at anytime during any activity: Private = solo (make it a challenge) Match made = random's with random's, you can bring your own team (you understand you may fail) Pre-made = chose your own team, it can also be solo (you want victory no matter what or a greater challenge) Level restrictions and requirements: Strikes: Private and Match made fireteams Crucible: Pre-made and Match made (custom matches come under Pre-made) Iron Banner: Match made (no private) ToO: unlocks at character lv33, Pre-made fireteams of 3 only PoE lv28: unlocks with character lv28, Private, Pre-made and Match made PoE lv32: unlocks with character lv32 and clear of lv28, Private, Pre-made and Match made PoE lv34: unlocks with character lv34 and clear of lv32, Private, Pre-made and Match made PoE lv35: unlocks with character lv34 and clear of lv34, Private, Pre-made fireteams only VoG normal: unlocks with character lv26, Pre-made and Match made VoG Hard: unlocks with character lv30 and full clear of normal, Pre-made and Match made CE normal: unlocks with character lv30, Pre-made and Match made CE Hard: unlocks with character lv32 and full clear of normal, Pre-made and Match made with all Matchmaking, you will be grouped with players of the same rank or up to 1 level difference for that activity, those who drop below the minimum required rank will be kicked and returned to orbit (yes that includes changing of gear), if your booted because of connection problems it would attempt to add you to that group or another group at your checkpoint, matchmaking would fill any open slots with players who have reached the same checkpoint as the group checkpoints take on a critical role in the match made system, so you would never loose your progress

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