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6/23/2015 2:31:25 PM

Looking For Group Megathread June 23

Welcome to Defenders of the Brew Looking For Group Megathread. If you would like to recruit Defenders, this is the place to do so. A comment serves as a "Looking For Group" post, so please indicate what you would like to do, Level, Class, number of Defenders needed, and your PSN ID. Reply to a comment to let your fellow Defenders know you are interested. [b]NIGHTFALL[/b] Each week on Tuesday, members of DotB gather to complete what is known as the Weekly Nightfall Strike. The purpose of completing this on Tuesday is the buff you are blessed with for the rest of the week that allows for increased XP gains. This week's strike is Cerberus Vae III. (Valus Ta'aurc) Nightfall - If all players die, your fireteam will be returned to Orbit. Epic - Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers. Arc Burn - Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased. Solar Burn - Solar Damage from any source is greatly increased. Brawler - Guardian melee damage is greatly increased. [b]WEEKLY HEROIC[/b] The purpose of completing the weekly Heroic strike is mainly for the reward of (9) strange coins depending on the level of difficulty chosen. This week's strike is The Shadow Thief. (big dude with scorch cannon) Heroic - Enemies are more aggressive and appear in greater numbers Angry - Enemies will not flinch, even after MASSIVE damage. [b]RAID CHECKPOINTS[/b] If you have a Raid checkpoint you would like to complete, please indicate which raid and difficulty, time you would like to play(include time zone), which checkpoint you have acquired, and your level/class. LFG posts are not limited to the activities listed above. Post whatever you'd like! This includes Crucible, Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, Queen's Wrath, and everything else in between. "[i]The Light shines brightest in those it consumes.[/i]"

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