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6/29/2015 4:41:42 PM

It has to be said.

Seriously bungie are you retarded? I have to point out a couple of things. Whoever agrees with me leave some posts and bump it 1. Last rounds and thorns State the obvious. These things need to be nerfed. I never used them until everyone else did now they're the only weapons I even bother to use because you can't win in trials of Osiris any other way, everyone else uses them, it takes the fun out of the game because thorn does like 160 a headshot sometimes if you get the final round bullet and 90 on body shot which is a strong precision shot with a normal hand cannon. Last rounds explain themselves. Deal with it bungie I'm sick of not having a variety in my weapons because 85% of people want to play like dogs to win. Simply not enjoyable. 2. Overpowered exotic armor Or how about the ram. It can survive anything you throw at it including trip mines, flux grenades, headshots with the queen breakers bow, etc. on top of that they're unbeatable within melee distance because of their enormous lunge and instant shield. Why bring out such a thing? You regain health on melee so you can't lose a melee fight virtually. It's unbelievably unbalanced 3. Trials being generally broken Oh you get a power cut? Your playstation cord gets kicked out? Your internet stuffs up? Your on a 7 win streak without using your boon? Oh nah too bad wel just give you a loss anyway even though you didn't intentionally leave but you can still have your boon. Pffft. Gay. Or how about not switching sides and having to be on the same side every time with no variety? Yep so fun That's just to name a few things, bungie is actually treating us like crap and making us pay money for things we think are gonna get better but just never do. What do you's think

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