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How to show your Fans the love that they have shown you

I am a day one Destiny Vet. I Purchased the Ghost Edition and believe I have gotten my money's worth out of Destiny (900+ hours), needles to say I am likely to get The Taken King CE but feel that the Vet. rewards are somewhat lacking. It is nice to see these items being awarded but it would be nice to see a little more. I would like to suggest these items that could make the Taken King more appealing to myself and maybe other Vets: A black ghost shell with white on its tips and a white eye, just the normal white one but in black would be nice (there is a massive lack of Ghost shells in the game and the Vets, I believe, would welcome this new companion) A black ship with racing stripes, just a basic model nothing like those from TDB or HoW. (maybe this is pushing it but if you take a basic ship like the Phantom class and just re-skin it, it should not take up too much data) Don't know if these would be easy to add into the game or hard, but it is something that could make the Vets feel more accepted by making other unfortunate Guardians jealous (seems childish but I like how my current shell make people moan), I can imagine some players saying ''wow that's a new ship, how can I get that one'' while sitting in orbit or ''how can I get a ghost like that one'' while your looking at it or it is completing a task. what do you think Guardians, do you like the ideas (bump and like) or would you like to suggest something (comment) we all want good gaming #FightForGoodGaming keep up the fight #VeteransUnite

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