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6/27/2015 7:59:48 PM

Queenbreaker's bow and Opinions

Alright everybody knows of the new exotic weapons based on fallen weapons but I have one in particular I want to discuss. The Queenbreaker bow is by far my favorite. I haven't recieved lord of wolves or dregs promise but I did use them and watch gameplay but I think the bow is amazing, but I'm not satisfied by my opinion alone I want others and also tips on it and how to build a character to use it. It's obviously a major PvP weapon and not a PvE but I want to make it an absolute monster. I run it with my titan for one reason, weapons of light with Illuminate. It causes it to be either a one shot or almost a one shot to the body. I'm not a headshot wizard in the crusible but I am fairly descent with them but I expect this to help compensate for those times I can't. My question to the community is, what exotic armor piece should I use on my titan to help me? Anything mainly dealing with intellect and dealing with defender helps alot I was thinking glasshouse, saint-14, or maybe even ACD Feedback would be good. What's your opinion.

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