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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Who are the REAL Destiny Veterans?

Made this post cause I have no clue what Bungie really thinks constitutes a "Veteran" of Destiny... As we know, Bungie announced that all "Veteran" players will receive special rewards when The Taken King rolls out.. Meaning anyone who's bought Destiny by September. This means that anyone who plays within the year that Destiny has been out (Sept. '14 - Sept. '15) will get the same rewards that us Day 1 players will. Someone who's clocked only 30hrs could be consider a "Veteran" in their eyes, & I guess my 740+ hours mean nothing to Bungie.. I don't mean to offend anyone and make Day 1 guardians seem superior to anyone, but with all the hate pointed at Bungie right now, I think the players who've stuck with them through thick & thin since the beginning should be given extra rewards for their loyalty. Here's a poll of the same subject --->

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