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Editado por Thaddeus Hamlet: 6/28/2015 3:14:08 PM

You're still making us Veterans pay $40, so I for one am still pissed

Sure we can now pay $20 bucks for vanity items, it's still wrong that you're making us pay $40 for something that new players are getting for free. Fix the price or you're gonna lose even more players. EDIT: So it has been brought to my attention that they may actually be reducing the price. They said that their website now had the new prices and deals etc but the page looks exactly the same so I'm not sure. I for one will be waiting to see if they either drop the price at least a bit, or see after it comes out if $40 is worth it. EDIT 2: Allow me to clarify. They aren't actually getting it for free. They are simply getting an incredibly good deal for current prices while the rest of us have to pay a lot if we want the same stuff. FINAL EDIT: Thanks to all those who agree with my thoughts. And thanks to those who disagree, but were willing to at least listen to my explanations. As I said I'll be waiting to see if it will be worth it or to randomly find an extra $40. If there's anyone out there still watching this post I won't be responding to any more comments on this one. C ya.

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