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Veteran Rewards, $20 cosmetics, NO NERFs and Raids

please read before posting comments or ask me questions in regards to set areas EDIT: I have changed and added something's to the Raid idea This Post will be in regards to the $20 price on the collectors edition items, nerfing, VIP rewards for Veterans and suggestions on current activity alterations for when The Taken King releases: first VIP rewards: I am a day one Destiny Vet. I Purchased the Ghost Edition and believe I have not gotten my money's worth out of Destiny's repetitive grind, needles to say I would like to get The Taken King but feel that the Vet. rewards (and content) are somewhat lacking. It is nice to see these items but it would be nice to see more. I would like to suggest these items that could make it more appealing to myself and maybe other Vets: A black ghost shell with white on its tips and a white eye, just the normal white one but in black would be nice A black ship with racing stripes, just a basic model nothing like those from TDB or HoW. Don't know if these would be easy to do add into the game or hard, but it is something that could make the Vets feel more accepted by making other unfortunate Guardians jealous, I can imagine some players ''wow that's a new ship, how can I get that one'' while sitting in orbit or ''how can I get a new ghost like that one'' while your looking at it or it is completing a task. second, the price of cosmetics: with the so called apology we are asked to spend $20 the same price as both TDB and HoW for 9 cosmetic items, these items may come free with the collectors edition but now, to me at least, it seems that the physical items were actually freebies with the physical CE, correct me if I am wrong in my assessment. This is an injustice, in no way are 9 items worth the same value as an expansion, unless said items are truly game changing, for example if the dance emote actually increased your agility for a short period of time after using it, clapping increased your strength and sitting down increased you intellect. I personally will not be getting these trinkets as they are not worth the cost third, nerfing: for all that is good in this game STOP THE NERFS every weapon buff and nerf should be removed and the weapons taken back to what they were before the first nerf, the only weapons that should have ever required a buff would be the Pulse Rifles, in no way should an exotic suffer de-buff as there power is what makes them exotic. I would also like to add that Exotic weapons should all have elemental damage and the armour should have elemental resistance (-25% damage when combating grenades, supers, melees and elemental weapons of the same element) and lastly, alterations to current content for The Taken King: The PS exclusive strike will soon becoming to Xbox but not just the normal strike, a new alternated version is also being made (once again recycled), this got me thinking could they not re-work the Raids in this fashion? I mean would you not like to go back into the Vault of Glass or Crotas End with a much harder enemy to kill, enter my own creations Ashellon, Vex Overlord and Kratiss, Hive Shadow prince. A little bit I have made for them: Ashellon is an Ancient Vex Lord who once ruled as the Vex Overmind Timekeeper but was lost during a warp jump and was eventually found by Oryx, dismantled and reassembled into 2 different forms, Alpha and Omega, both of which share one mind but cannot exist in the same place or time for too long as they become uncontrollable and resilient, even for their new master Oryx. Following Oryx being informed by Kratiss about his son's death, Oryx sends the Alpha Ashellon to the Vault of Glass to reclaim the body of Atheon with the help of the Taken Vex in hopes that with Atheon he can control the 2 half's of Ashellon to bring ALL the Vex under his control. (when Alpha is near death he will summon Omega to fight by his side and both will regain health if only 1 is attacked) Kratiss was a Hive shadow Prince who served as Crotas right hand and was supposed to be there at Crotas side during his confrontation with the Guardians of Earth and inedible end. Kratiss witnessed Crotas End as the Guardians struck him down with 1 of his own swords, he fled and returned to Oryx to inform him of what transpired, needless to say Oryx was not to pleased with what had happened and took his anger out on Kratiss, Kratiss was on the verge of death when Oryx stopped and asked ''would you show your loyalty to my son'' in which Kratiss replies in a shallow voice ''Yes'', Oryx sort to make the Guardians pay and doing this by sending Kratiss back into the space where Crota died and reclaim his son's sword with the help of the Taken Hive, Kratiss left Oryx and took with him 2 of Crota's Blades hoping to redeem himself in Oryx's eyes and exact vengeance for Crota and himself. (Kratiss would wield 2 swords and be invisible, gaining health and speed the longer Over soul is active) As you probably would have by now guessed by what is written, these bosses would be the final bosses in the Taken King version of Vault of Glass and Crotas End, happily labelled The Hallow Vault and Crota's Avenger (don't know maybe you guys could think of better names) hope you like what I wrote, bump for bungie's attention, if you have questions please ask and comment if you think you have something to add or correct me on. thanks for your time Guardians, my your light shine #VeteransUnite I was watching a AngryJoe video on youtube and something he said made me want to make another #tag #FightForGoodGaming hope you guys will make this # trend

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