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6/25/2015 4:14:35 AM

"We messed up and we are sorry. Pay us $20 to make it right."

How can you be this out of touch with your own community? Do you not even understand the image you are continuing to create for yourselves? You messed up, you admit it, and you apologize. Okay, fair. How are you going to make this right? You provide people the opportunity to pay you $20. I want world do you live in? In what relationship is this okay? 50 Shaders of Grey? At one point[i] perhaps[/i] $10 would have been reasonable... but dont you think we are a[i] little [/i]past that at this point? You claim to understand that actions speak louder than words... and this is your action? This is your olive branch... your gift of good faith?

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