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Hablemos de Destiny.
6/22/2015 12:35:58 PM

Shaders, Customization etc.

Did they reveal anything regarding these topics lately? Heard absolutely nothing. This is such a shame, considering Destiny is one of the best designed games in recent years, yet they absolutely ruin it with the blatant lack of character customization. ( Of course this is just a "side problem" but one that really bugs me since release) Why must everyone look the same? Since there is only a limited amount of gear in the game, and only a few rly good items, nearly everybody looks the same. Why cant we, atleast a lil, tweak the look of our guardians? Like, f.i., choose which part of the guardian gets which coulour from the shader you wear. Why can't we reroll gear just for looks? Like roll the perks and looks seperately? In Diablo, f.i., you can reroll the look of your gear out of a certain list of possible looks. If you'd put in all available items per class in one List, everyone could build his fav. looking guardian without any creative work needed in addition. This would be REALLY cool, considering that the green and blue items look by far the best, atleast to me. Why can't we have a lil Logo-Editor for Clan Logos or whatnot and put that somewhere on our guardians, weapons etc. That was standard YEARS ago with Halo etc., why did they leave out such things? Finally, what's up with lack of shaders? The amount of shaders available, esp. since you can't change, reroll,etc. them, is RIDICULOUS. Also, most of them look horrible. Why aren't there more shaders? And why is it nearly impossible to obtain certain shaders ( fraction shaders, i am talking to you) while there are the same boring ones at sale at this completely useless shader-lady since Day 1. Don't get me started on the drop rate of those things LOL I got Achill like a hundred times for sure but haven't gotten ONE fraction shader.

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