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Hablemos de Destiny.
6/22/2015 9:14:57 AM

I have paid £65 for this game. This is disgraceful! I demand for more of my 12 pence an hour!!!!!

I have [i]only [/i]524 hours played, so 65 divided by 524 is 12 pence an hour! That's disgraceful Bungie, how dare you give me the cheapest entertainment I have ever known! Then if you factor in HoW at £20 that's £85 I will have spent, 85 divided by 524 is 16 pence an hour, so even if I buy it and never play it I'm STILL getting the cheapest entertainment I've ever had, how dare you Bungie!!!!!!! I bet some of you even get it less than that an hour, how dare they! Complain more about all this value for money we are getting! The bastards!! Let me know how disgraceful your hourly amount is! I'll bet it's shocking how much value for money you've had!!

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