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6/16/2015 5:59:51 AM

Taken King a Ripoff?

Taken King is screwing Destiny's loyal fanbase


I like being spoon fed shit over and over


Stop being cheap and go spend $80


Not being able to get all of the new content is ok with me


If you've been playing destiny since the beginning or at the very least bought every version so far, you probably understand my disappointment when seeing the new release of Taken King. Why you may ask? Simply because the only way to get 3 new emotes, 3 new shaders, and new exotics, is to buy the $80 collector's edition. Those of us who have been playing from the beginning and have been loyal are only able to get an emblem, a shader, and a sparrow. This is simply terrible customer service or greed or both. The only way I would be ok with this is if we were able to get all the items in the collector's edition without having to buy everything again. I mean come on! Who had their head up their ass when they dreamt this shit up.

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